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Devoted driver
11 August 2032 @ 07:15 pm
This awesome banner is made by tomycoffee

This journal is friends only from june1!
All my graphics will be found @ the_mc_garage 

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Devoted driver
05 July 2010 @ 12:22 am
God evening to you all!!!

This is the last time I post graphic teaser here.
From now on you will only find my graphic stuff over @ the_mc_garage!!!
If you like my work feel free to watch my community! 
This batch includes  
46 stock icons(mc,flowers,nature,animals,objects,people) 
19 disney (princess and the frog, lion king, robin hood)
2 world cup fotball (Ramon Nunez - Honduras)  
16 misc icons (movies,celebs,tv-shows) 


The rest is parked over @ the_mc_garage

Devoted driver
15 June 2010 @ 02:29 pm
This batch includes  
56 stock icons(mc,flowers,nature,animals,objects,people)
3 The vampire diaries, 5 Legend of the seeker, 2 Harry Potter 
20 misc icons (movies,celebs,tv-shows) 
9 disney icons 
1 banner stock
3 headers stock 


The rest is parked over @ the_mc_garagae
Devoted driver
28 May 2010 @ 06:58 pm
Hi there!!!

From now on I will post all my graphics over @ [info]the_mc_garage!
Wich is my own shiny new graphics community!!!

Nothing would make me happier then if you follow me there and keep watching my work!
Hope you'll enjoy it over there ♥ 

This batch includes 
108 stock icons(cars,flowers,nature,animals,food,objects,coffee)
18 misc icons (movies,celebs,tv-shows)
6 disney icons
6 banners stock


Batch is parked @ the_mc_garage



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